As soon as there is a big trauma, because we suffer each in our own way and often incompatibly, we suffer incompatibly. We are in our survival dance. Each one of us surviving in the relationship because we don’t know how to welcome each other inside of the depth of these emotions. And so the survival dance intensifies and we feel like maybe we can’t be together. And often when there’s been the loss of a child, couples because of their different styles of grieving, often ultimately separate and even divorce. And that statistically has been shown and it’s not because they are incompatible, but because they don’t know how to grieve together.

I had recently a beautiful conversation with Cherri Forsyth who is a wonderful bereavement coach from South Africa, about how a couple could cross the bridge when grieving a loss that they do not experience the same way. I’m happy to be able to share it with you.

Using The Bridge to connect authentically, when suffering the isolation that Grief can bring.

In my interview with Hedy Schleifer she shows us how to CONNECT with each other, despite the fact that grief can be a very isolating experience. It teaches us how to authentically connect and support each other.

Posted by Cherri Forsyth Coaching on Tuesday, May 19, 2020