EcCT Practitioner List

This is a listing of therapists and relationship coaches who trained with Hedy for three years, completing a Master Class in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy and Encounter-centered Couples Transformation.
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Practitioners located in the United States


Shari Goettel, LCSW
I work with couples and individuals and I am committed to a mindful, integrative approach and have integrated EcCT into my work. I do couples intensives and traditional 60 minute sessions. I offer Telehealth sessions.


Mary Kay Cocharo, LMFT
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Los Angeles
I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with 30 years of experience, specializing in marital and premarital counseling. I am certified in Imago Relationship Therapy and EcCT. I offer weekly sessions, private intensives, workshops and weekend couples retreats. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Julie Shea Gallinat, LCSW
Los Gatos
I believe that all people want to feel safely connected to those significant to them in their life; to feel seen, known and understood. It is my privilege to facilitate that connection for couples, siblings, and parents and their grown children. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Deborah Leeds, LMFT
I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with individual adults and couples for 30 years. I think “connection” is my middle name, as this has been my life-long focus. Facilitating an individual’s connection with themselves, or connection between two people, the healing and the gold happen here.

Peggy M. Lucchesi, MA, LPCC
I am passionate about guiding couples on the incredibly wonderful adventure of becoming fully alive and totally present with each other, whereby they can co-create the richest possible loving connection and the relationship of their dreams. I am also licensed in NY. I offer Telehealth sessions.


Judith Spendelow, PsyD – Clinical Psychologist
I work with individuals, couples and families to bring their lives into better balance and harmony. I use the Encounter philosophy as a foundational pillar of how I approach my work and life. Additionally, I have a Certificate in Spiritual Direction, and certifications in various other approaches to relational healing, along with several modalities of energy healing. I work with my clients to promote release from the pain of trauma, freedom from old dysfunctional, limiting beliefs and enlivenment in all their relationships, whether with the members of their Internal Family (those voices that speak to you from within), or with romantic partners, other family members, friends, business colleagues—anyone with whom you want an improved relationship.


Shari Goettel, LCSW
I work with couples and individuals and I am committed to a mindful, integrative approach and have integrated EcCT into my work. I do couples intensives and traditional 60 minute sessions. I offer Telehealth sessions.


Amy Blake, LCSW
My passion is in guiding transformational change where people become more alive, vibrant and whole in their lives and relationships. I am a Clinical Social Worker with 30+ years of experience and I specialize in work with couples and trauma. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Leslie Bartlett, LCPC
I am a Couples Specialist. I am passionate about my work. I believe in the basic goodness of all humans, no exceptions. I am sincerely inspired and honored to sit with each couple as they build trust in themselves and each other, strengthening their love, commitment and true understanding of how ‘to be with each other’. Over the course of my work with a couple, I see soft, smiling eyes increasingly shared. This is a marker of enduring transformation. I know this from my own personal work with my husband, Steven Klockow, LCSW with whom I train. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Steven Klockow, LCSW
I am a passionate, fully alive and engaged couples therapist. I have had a full time couples practice since 2003. Of all the couples work training I’ve done, Hedy’s ECCT has captivated me the most and remains my preferred way of working with couples. I offer Telehealth sessions.

New York

Paul Browde M.D.
New York City
I have over 30 years experience as a psychiatrist and use narrative approaches and EcCT to treat individuals and couples. I offer Telehealth sessions.


Peggy M. Lucchesi, MA, LPCC
I am passionate about guiding couples on the incredibly wonderful adventure of becoming fully alive and totally present with each other, whereby they can co-create the richest possible loving connection and the relationship of their dreams. I offer Telehealth sessions only; I am licensed in New York but located in California.


Rickie Simpson, PhD, APRN-BC, BCPCC, C-IAYT
I am a psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with trauma, grief, and chronic illness. As an Advance Practice Nurse and certified yoga therapist, I believe in bringing the whole body into the experience of therapy. I use an integrative approach combining various modalities including EcCT to assist individuals and couples to find coherence and connection in their lives. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Practitioners Located Internationally


Francesca Levine, Psychologist; Wholistic Psychotherapist; Relationship Therapist & Imago Couples Workshop Presenter; Hot Monogamy Trainer; Encounter Centred Couples Transformation Trainer. B.A., B.Ed. (Counselling), Certified Imago Therapist, Clinical Memeber A.I.R.T.A., M.A.P.S.
I have been a psychologist for over 30 years. I am deeply committed to enabling individuals and couples to realise their potential. To lead lives of connection, value and joy, with the use of various types of therapy, coaching, guiding and counseling, including Imago and Encounter-centered Couples Transformation. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Stan Levine,
LL.B. (Lon), LL.B. (Mel). Certified Imago Educator, Certified Hot Monogamy Trainer, Certified Imago Parenting Trainer
I am an Imago Educator, specialising for the past 16 years in helping couples of all genders & sexual orientations rediscover the joy in their relationship. I see couples in weekly sessions and also in extended Intensives, employing primarily Imago Relationship Therapy & EcCT. I offer Telehealth sessions.



Marianne Kunz, Mag.phil. (MA)
+436641937757 (German & English)
I’m a licenced analytical psychotherapist and offer intensives for couples (2 days), supporting them to become more conscious of the roots of their conflicts and to rediscover joy, ease and connection in life and relationship.


The Caribbean Islands

Geraldine Hollander, M.A.
Curacao, Dutch Caribbean
I am a relationship therapist and it is my mission and passion to create a more relational world. I work with couples and individuals and am fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch. I offer Telehealth sessions.


Charlotte Grumme
I am a psychotherapist and also a midwife. I do couples therapy, use EcCT, EFT, Imago – and I do also infant therapy – and loss and grief therapy for women who have had a stillborn birth. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Lone Algot Jeppesen
I am a dedicated couples therapist! I am working with couples and with therapist – and my continued star in the horizon is to help creating a safe connection! I offer Telehealth sessions.

Leif Vedel Soerensen
I am a private-practising specialist in psychiatry. I practise psychotherapy with individuals and couple. It’s based on Cognitive Behavioral theory and EccT, as well as hypnotherapy and Coherence Therapy, and Mindfulness. Sometime i also prescribe medicine, if it is appropriate. I offer Telehealth sessions.


Hadas & Yosi Kan
הדס ויוסי קאן
Kohav Yair
We teach and coach people to be in relationships that work; relationships that have mutual respect, closeness, appreciation and love. We do not offer Telehealth sessions.
אנחנו, מלמדים ומאמנים אנשים להיות במערכות יחסים עובדות. מערכות יחסים שיש בהן כבוד הדדי, הכרות עמוקה , קירבה , הוקרה ואהבה.

Yigal Zemach
I strongly believe that couples relations are an extremely powerful lever to make a deep transition in your life, and it is my mission to guide you in letting it happen. I do not offer Telehealth sessions.


Hilze Strauss, Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Therapist
Windhoek, Namibia
I am a clinical psychologist with more than 29 years’ experience in private practice. I specialize in relationships and offer two-day couple’s intensive sessions. I assist couples in rediscovering their connection, stepping into full aliveness and joy. I also love teaching and sharing what I am learning with therapists who are eager to step into the next level of their own growth and maturity. I offer Telehealth sessions.

South Africa

Eleanor Bubb, M.Ed Clinical and Educational Psychologist
I am a Clinical and Educational Psychologist with 29 years experience in working with individuals and couples. My main approach with couples is EcCT and Imago. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Dr M C (Ian) Opperman, Clinical Psychologist
Bedfordview, Johannesburg
We are a team of psychologists working with individuals and couples utilizing numerous techniques including EcCT, Imago, IFS, Hypnotherapy, EFT, etc. I offer Telehealth sessions.

United Kingdom

Kerry-Lyn Stanton-Downes, (UKCP registered, MBACP)
I get it. Relationships are complex and can leave you disconnected, confused and alone. If you, and your partner, are willing to re-invent your relationship so you can experience connection and joy, I would be delighted to help you along the way. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Margy Wakefield
The Cotswolds
I am a social worker with 30+ years experience as a couples and individual psychotherapist. Integrating Systemic Family and Marital Therapy, Imago and EcCT I offer two day private couples intensive sessions. I offer Telehealth sessions.

Sue Wintgens
, Couples Therapist, Trainer and Consultant
Harpenden, Hertfordshire
I work exclusively with couples in a Couples Intensive and am passionate about this powerful, joyful way of working. I see couples from a home office and also online. I also provide training in ECCT around the world by invitation.