Presentational Skills Training

Presenting with Boldness, Poise and Confidence

Join Hedy Schleifer for a unique and empowering two-day session, teaching the expert craft of Presentational Speaking. Hedy teaches her attendees how to open a room and engage an audience. She will teach what it takes to be courageous when teaching and presenting. Hedy is a master of connection and will pass on her expertise on how to connect to an audience so they “land with you.” The Presentational Skills training will explore how to take a chance, be authentic vulnerable and create an open learning environment that is filled with enthusiasm, passion and knowledge.

The attendees are:

Trainings have been attended by public figures, writers, playwrights, poets, bloggers, screenwriters, filmmakers, actors, musicians, philanthropists, and therapists, as well as workshop presenters, lecturers, and inspirational speakers. There is no pre-requisite, and the training is open to ALL who wish to sharpen (or rather “soften”) their presentational skills.

Why do you need to fine-tune your presentation skills?

You will acquire an empowering stance and a variety of skills to grow your confidence in inspiring your audience. You will discover how to get “unstuck” from what has possibly kept you back from performing at your very best, and now be able to flow in your own style and approach. You will witness Hedy Schleifer in action, with her over 30 years of experience presenting workshops, trainings, lectures and keynote speeches globally. Hedy can teach you how to transform your own life through the power of communicating effective speeches, presentations, and workshops. She will teach you how to own the self-assurance, boldness, and joie de vivre to make the most powerful connection with your audience.

All forms of content are applicable

The Presentational Skills Training is not “content” driven. Participants will be bringing their own content over many different fields and careers. Hedy works with a piece of “Growth edge work” from anyone who volunteers to “step into the circle.” She teaches theory around that work, so that everyone has the opportunity to incorporate those steps of growth and empowerment for themselves and their careers. Some participants may not participate in the middle of the circle, but everyone will learn, grow and walk away with a new exciting sense of how to speak in public.

Watch Hedy’s TED talk to see Hedy in her essence!

If you would like to BOOK HEDY for private corporate “Presentation Skills” workshops, please reach out using either our contact form, email or phone (305) 604-0010.