Most often we think of learning as a linear process. But there is another way to visualize learning. It is the Circular Learning model.

According to the Circular Learning model we do not learn in a linear fashion, but rather in increasingly larger and larger circles. However, before entering a larger circle, we need to close the smaller one. We learn, we understand as much as we do, we celebrate what we have learned. We graduate. Only then can we step into the next circle, with more maturity and more mastery.

Stepping into the larger circle requires us to do an internal paradigm shift into an open growth mindset, which fosters our resilience and our flexibility.

A wonderful example from my professional life is the time when I made a revolutionary decision. I decided, that even though couples were my toughest population to work with, I will close my practice as a “generalist,” and I will work with couples only.

I decided to shift into an open growth mindset, which demanded much resilience and flexibility on my part. I boldly stepped into a bigger circle, and opened a clinic specializing in couples. In the beginning of the circle, I had a lot to learn. But as I travelled the circle, my competence, confidence and expertise expanded. Today couples are my specialty.

So here is an IDEA:

Approach these radically new-and-different times by boldly stepping into a new and bigger circle of knowing. Give yourself the gift of having a “beginner’s mind,” and learning new concepts and new principles for living and loving. Open your mind and heart to new vital knowingness for empowered living in connection.