The Couple’s Journey Intensive—now exclusively offered virtually via Zoom

The Couple’s Journey Intensive—now offered virtually via Zoom

The Couple’s Journey Intensive will transform your relationship forever.

Every relationship journeys to the crossroads of transformation; sometimes in positive ways, and sometimes in not-so positive ways. If you’re here, chances are your relationship is approaching—or has reached—one of those crossroads.

Perhaps your relationship is in crisis or failing. Perhaps you don’t know how to heal after an affair. Or maybe your relationship is stagnant, and you’re tired of that.

On the other hand, maybe you’d like to shore up your relational maturity and connection skills before getting married or having children. Or maybe you long to take your relationship to a new level for the sheer pleasure and inspiration of it and make something good even better.

Whether your relationship is rock solid or shaky as a leaf, you can benefit from Hedy’s personal attention. Her compassionate wisdom has helped thousands of couples worldwide transform their relationships. Hedy’s enthusiasm, her energy, and the sheer power of her beliefs combine to make The Couple’s Journey Intensive an unforgettable experience. In your private journey with Hedy, you and your partner will open your eyes to the previously unseen and unfolding possibilities in your connection, and will be guided to reinvent your partnership. Wherever you and your partner find yourself, working with Hedy will help in so many ways.

Watch as Hedy explains and then introduces a couples to a core element of her work—the Three Invisible Connectors—at the beginning of a session.

“My soul was starved for a heart-felt intimacy bond with my husband. We seemed to be at war over the matter – he silent and distancing and me demanding he come forward to see me, hear me and feel me. We did not know what to do. Thank God for the tools you provided us, Hedy, to grow our marriage into the heaven on earth we are born to have.”

Types of sessions:

In the Couple’s Journey Intensive, Hedy will guide you to re-establish and strengthen your connection and partnership, opening your eyes to the previously unseen and unfolding possibilities in your relationship.

In case it’s helpful, here are some ideas for the types of work you might do with Hedy:

  • Preparation for marriage
  • Going from coping alone to living in connection
  • Deepening a good connection
  • Healing after an affair
  • Getting constructive closure after your divorce
  • Becoming conscious parents
  • Creating a strong connection in your family

Every couple is different, and your reasons for doing The Couple’s Journey Intensive with Hedy will be unique to you. Hedy stands ready to support you with whatever you and your partner need.

What to expect:

During The Couple’s Journey Intensive you may discover:

  • The “genius” that resides within your relationship.
  • Practical tools for dissolving conflict.
  • How to be your partner’s best friend and healer.
  • New depth, sizzle, and passion in your connection.
  • How to communicate better with someone you may have lost connection with such as a co-parent or ex-partner.

Hedy crafts each Intensive for the couple involved. All sessions are exclusive, profound and life changing. Please watch this video clip of Hedy working with a couple during the private session, teaching them another core elements of her work—how to honor the Relational Space between them. This will give you an idea of the depth and intimacy of the work that Hedy will do with you and your partner. The video shows Hedy working live with a couple, but her process is equally powerful when done via video on Zoom.

“The experience was more than I could have ever hoped for and brought so much life and completeness into what I thought was a lost cause at one point. And for giving us this gift, I thank Hedy with all my heart (because she truly IS a gift herself!).”

The Couple’s Journey Intensive Location:

The Couple’s Journey Intensive is exclusively offered virtually, via Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world, as long as you have a strong Internet connection, are together in the same location, and you have the ability to do video meetings via Zoom.

The Couple’s Journey Intensive Additional Info:

The Couple’s Journey Intensive is scheduled across several weeks, at a time that works with your schedule and Hedy’s. 

Hedy speaks seven languages and can work with you in English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Yiddish or Flemish.

Hedy welcomes couples of all races, ethnicities, sexual preferences, and gender identities. She is a citizen of the world and an ally who will make you feel immediately comfortable, even where others maybe not have.

If you already have a relationship therapist, your therapist can also attend, with your permission, as an observer/witness. This is ideal for assisting you and your partner in continuing the work that you start during your session with Hedy and we hope that you will encourage your therapist to join you.

“Both of us were suspect going into this. We felt burnt out on our experience with past therapists and having to retell our respective story over and over again. But even worse we both felt malnourished, misunderstood, lonely and angry in our marriage.

We left our 2 day session with Hedy feeling that we not only understood one another better, but also appreciated one another more. We understand why we initially fell in love with one another, and are so grateful that we have one another.

Most importantly we know now how to avoid resorting back to old bad habits. Thank you for restoring our marriage of 38 years.”

Next Steps:

To learn more, have questions answered, or schedule a complimentary consultation with Hedy to discuss The Couple’s Journey Intensive, contact our office via email to