Trainings for Professionals

Introduction: Come and train personally with Master Relationship Builder Hedy Schleifer. Hedy’s work over the last 30 years as a dedicated relationship therapist, has crystallized into a synergistic understanding of relational wellness and intelligence. Hedy offers three sets of training seminars to Couples Therapists, Counselors, Relationship Coaches, Organizational Development Professionals, Pastoral Counselors or HR directors.

How to attend: You may either attend an event that Hedy has scheduled, or you can organize a training for your community or organization. Hedy’s currently-scheduled events are always shown here on the site. Please inquire with our office to learn more about organizing your own event. 

What to expect: Through lectures, in-vivo demonstrations with couples, group discussion and Q&A sessions, Hedy will invite you to leave the trainings with new tools, increased expertise, enhanced skills, and a clear vision of how to achieve an even more relaxed and responsive therapeutic stance with couples, and with a new level of understanding and skill in “holding the space” for relationships.


AN INTRODUCTION TO EcCT: An Introduction to Encounter-centered Couples Transformation (EcCT): A Three- or Five-day Training

EcCT trains couples therapists and coaches to empower their couples to welcome the “genius” that lives in their relational space. It focuses on the embrace of three invisible connectors, which when revealed and applied to a couple’s daily life create a transformational paradigm shift, on the path to relational maturity. This training give therapists the steps by step road-map of a two-day Intensive session for one couple. Go to Hedy’s YouTube channel to see many examples of her encounter work.

UNRAVELING THE SURVIVAL KNOT OF COUPLES: A Three-day Introductory Training, and a Five-day Experiential “In Vivo” Training

Open for registration! This EcCT training trains couples therapists to touch and “dissolve” the core of a couple’s relational conflict at the heart of their disconnection, the impasse issue with which they enter into therapy. It gives therapists a step-by-step road-map to invite couples to shift from their reactive coping in a “survival dance,” to intentionally designing a new and creative scenario for a relationship of choice. Hedy does this training in two ways, one is purely instructional for three days and the other is in vivo, in a fishbowl setting with a live couple for five days. Please watch: Webinar with Hedy: Unraveling the Survival Knot of Couples.

THE AMENDS JOURNEY: HEALING AFTER AN AFFAIR: A Three-day Training Dealing with a Rupture in a Relationship

This EcCT training trains couples therapists to achieve earnest repair after the distressing rupture of an affair. It shows therapists a clear step-by-step road-map to free the couple from the trap of the victim and perpetrator roles, to enable them to make authentic mutual amends, and establish the relational ambiance in which both, the mutual expression and the acceptance of deep regret, as well as sincere and genuine forgiveness can take place.  Please watch: Webinar “Healing from an Affair” with Hedy Schleifer.

To find out more about Hedy’s trainings or when the next one is, please contact us, email or phone (305) 604-0010.