Many years ago, Yumi and I began introducing couples to basic assumptions about committed conscious relationships. I want to share them with you here, so that they can begin to make a difference in your own relationships.

Our relationship
our Tikkun*
It is the healing environment
A crucible for transformation
A place for repair.

Our relationship
a problem to be solved !
It is an “adventure” to be embraced
A gift to be unpacked
A mystery to be understood
A secret to be uncovered.

a friend!
It is growth trying to happen!
It is “maturity” knocking at the door inviting us:
Come, flourish, expand, prosper.

Our relationship has a higher mission:
to help each other reclaim our wholeness.
It is the acorn that becomes the oak,
the potential that allows us to recover
our full, innate, essential potential for aliveness,
and to reconnect with
our vitality, zest, vigor, awe, and wonder.

Our relationship is
a  living laboratory for the
collaborative co-creation of two “adults.”
It is an invitation
for the “little child” still inside each of us
to create a new story with an energizing fullness.
A chance for the needy grownups
to become interdependent adults,
differentiated and mature.

There is a  seamless web of inter-relatedness
between human beings and the whole planet.
Everything is in everything.
We are a part of the fabric of being.
Isolation is an illusion.
There is
one breathing,
one pulse,
one flow,
one common humanity.

*Tikkun is Hebrew for the combined concepts of
“Healing, Repair, Transformation, and Completion”